Network Management System

Fiberroad’s PRVIEW Web-based Network Management System (WBNMS) enables easy access through the Internet (Browser User Interface GUI) to your Network Management System. Regardless of its location, Fiberroad virtually makes any authorized laptop an operational and maintenance (O&M) workstation. The WBNMS provides a comprehensive view of your network and its resources, allowing you to manage your network effectively. The system also allows you to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance of your network.


Key Features

  • The dashboard provides an overview of the system, devices, traffic, and PoE network status at a glance
  • Easy-to-use step-by-step setup wizard
  • The Topology Viewer displays a topology of network devices that are compliant with SNMP and LLDP
  • To redirect and show the switch panel and configure the switch easily. To display the PoE/Traffic usage statistics for each port
  • A network alarm and a system log can provide information on the status of a network
  • Automatically discovers and visualizes network devices and physical connections
  • Network redundancy protocol visualisation of redundant links and device roles

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Enhancing Industrial Network Operations through Fiberroad Network Management System

Revolutionize your industrial network operations with Fiberroad Network Management System – the ultimate solution empowering Industrial Network Connectivity to seamlessly streamline and optimize network performance. Stay ahead of the game with confidence, as you effortlessly navigate and enhance your networks like never before!

Simplify IT Management with a Convenient and Comprehensive Visualized Network Report

Experience unrivalled efficiency with Fiberroad Network Management System. Our cutting-edge software empowers industrial network providers to effortlessly report network service quality and operation status through automated periodic reports and email notifications. Stay ahead of the game, boost customer satisfaction, and streamline your operations with confidence.

How Centralized Industrial Network Management Eliminates Operational Complexity

Streamline your industrial network management effortlessly with Fiberroad’s Network Management System. Our one-click redirect to the WebGUI interface simplifies network configuration and monitoring, empowering you to take full control. Eliminate operational complexity with our centralized solution designed specifically for industrial networks. Experience confident and efficient management like never before.

Discovers Fiberroad devices within the scan range

Visualization of redundant link status and device roles of network redundancy protocols

Central management of configurations and firmware for Fiberroad devices

Visualization of managed PoE device power consumption

Security view for the security status of network devices with industrial security standard

Supports third-party Ethernet switches through SNMP MIB files

Unveiling the Power of Automatic Network Device Discovery and Visualization

Revolutionize your Industrial Network management with Fiberroad: the ultimate solution that effortlessly discovers and visually maps network devices and physical connections. With our dynamic topology view, stay in full control as you instantly monitor link statuses and connection changes at a single glance. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and confidently navigate your industrial network like never before!

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