Network Management System

Fiberroad’s FIRO Web-based Network Management System (WBNMS) enables easy access through the Internet (Browser User Interface GUI) to your Network Management System. Regardless of its location, Fiberroad virtually makes any authorized laptop an operational and maintenance (O&M) workstation. The WBNMS provides a comprehensive view of your network and its resources, allowing you to manage your network effectively. The system also allows you to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance of your network.

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Get the Tools You Need to Manage Your Network Efficiently

  • High compatibility and reliability, supporting the current mainstream browsers.
  • Support all Fiberroad IP-based hardware & extension of third-party devices.
  • Dynamic Connectivity Indication – PoE, Ring.
  • Automatically discovers and diagrams network topology
  • Real-time online monitoring.
  • Easy-to-use, no special training needed, Make network administration more effective and efficient

Take Control of Network Switch with FIRO Network Management System

FIRO Web-based NMS can manage all of the Fierroad Industrial, Carrier L2, L2+ and L3 managed switches, and discover third-party network devices that support the SNMP protocol. Flexible and versatile, FIRO WBNMS uses cutting-edge web technology to make it more convenient to monitor and administer your network switches.

Network Management System

Streamlining Network Management with Cutting-Edge Technology

Network statistics can be graphed in real-time, or stored as historical data for trend analysis. Proactive thresholds and alerts (including e-mail notifications) detect bottlenecks and other network problems and alert you before users start to call. The user-friendly online graphic interface enables you to monitor everything from network elements to users and groups of devices – from anywhere in the network.

Network Management System

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