FIRO Cloud Management

  • Control unlimited devices remotely with a web browser

Firo Cloud Management is a web-based system for managing an unlimited number of devices remotely. Devices can be located anywhere on the Internet, and are automatically discovered when they connect to the web.

  • Monitor device status in real-time and receive notifications when it goes offline

Firo Cloud Management is a monitoring service that keeps track of your device’s status in real time, and notify you when it goes offline. A web dashboard lets you view devices with problems, monitor their status from anywhere and get alerts when devices have issues.

  • Ability to configure the network settings and behaviour of each device

Firo Cloud is the first network management solution that will configure the network settings and behaviour of each device and provide a configurable dashboard for engineers to monitor everything.

  • Program customized motion & alarm rules for each device

It saves engineers time and money by automating alarm system management, including motion detection and alarm rule customizations.

  • View and manage the PoE usage of all connected devices in one place

User-friendly cloud management for Power over Ethernet. With it, you can view and manage the PoE usage of all connected devices in one place, without having to install any software on your devices.

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Fiberroad Cloud Network Management

Centralized Management for Industrial and Commercial-grade Ethernet switches

Centralized management for industrial and commercial-grade Ethernet switches is a great way to manage your network. This type of management allows you to have complete control over your network and its traffic. Using a centralized management system, you can monitor all of the devices on your network and ensure they are working properly. You can also set up restrictions and permissions so that only certain users can access certain parts of your network. This type of system is essential for large networks because it helps to keep them organized and running smoothly.

Centralized Management

No License Fees

Real-time Monitoring

Fiberroad Cloud Network Management

More Efficient than Ever Before with Fiberroad Cloud Management Platform

Get Control of Your Devices

If you’re looking for a way to reduce downtime and increase productivity, consider using a cloud management platform. With this type of platform, you can manage all of your devices from a single dashboard. This makes it easy to keep track of what’s going on with your network and make changes as needed. Additionally, you can use the platform to automate tasks and processes. This can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Real-time Monitoring

The Fiberroad Cloud Management Platform provides operators with powerful monitoring capabilities that allow them to gain visibility into the status and availability of switch ports. With this information, operators can quickly identify and resolve potential problems before they cause service interruptions. This helps ensure that users always have access to the resources they need, and that service quality is maintained at all times.

Revolutionizing PoE Deployments

The Fiberroad Cloud Management Platform is a game-changing solution for PoE management. It provides a single, unified platform for managing all your PoE devices. The Platform enables you to remotely manage and configure your PoE devices, as well as monitor their power usage and status in real-time. What’s more, the Platform makes it easy to scale your PoE deployment as your needs change over time. 

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