Revolutionize Outdoor Surveillance with Fiberroad’s Smart IOT Box

The Fiberroad Smart IoT Surveillance box is a cutting-edge solution that is tailor-made for outdoor surveillance scenarios. Its modular design allows for easy customization and scalability, making it the perfect fit for any IoT Surveillance network. With advanced technology packed into a sleek and compact package, this device offers unparalleled performance and reliability in monitoring outdoor environments. Whether you need to keep an eye on your property or enhance security measures in public spaces, the Smart IoT Surveillance box has got you covered. Its innovative features ensure seamless integration with existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution for all your surveillance needs. Trust Fiberroad to deliver top-notch quality and functionality with their state-of-the-art Smart IoT Surveillance box.

Features of Smart IoT Surveillance Box for Maximum Operation

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes

Box material: galvanized plate, box thickness: 1.0mm; protection level: IP55, including box, temperature control fan, air switch, AC220V single-phase surge protective device,  and Industrial Ethernet Switch module, Optical Distribution Frame, Door Magnetic Switch and access control linkage switching alarm output, RS485 expansion interface;

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes

Support 4 pairs of AC220V output ( current per pair up to 8A, total current up to 40A), each pair has independent control, with independent status indicator; support remote platform and stand-alone Web control, front-end hardware switch independent control;

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes

2.0-inch TFT display screen can show the status of the device (IP, MAC, firmware version, power status, temperature and humidity, access control, network status, etc.);

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes

This device has 5 Ethernet ports for wired connections at speeds up to 1 Gbps. It also has 1 port that supports even faster speeds of 10/1000 Mbps using SFP. An RS485 interface allows communication with industrial equipment. The I/O ports provide flexibility to integrate with other systems. Support for analogue connections ensures compatibility with older equipment. Built-in 4G keeps it connected remotely. GPS tracks its exact location and sensors provide data on movement and orientation.

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes

Support real-time monitoring and displaying the status information of box temperature, humidity, voltage, power, door, network, fan and so on. Support controlling the restart of the intelligent control terminal and controlling the power output interface of the intelligent control terminal;

Power Parameters
Rated Voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Rated Current 16A
Input Power AC100V-AC240V
Automatic Reclosing Function Equipped with under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and leakage protection functions; supports remote WEB configuration and remote leakage testing
Centralized Power Supply of Output Power
AC220V Power Port 4 groups of AC220V output (maximum current of a single group is 8A, maximum total current is 40A); Supports independent control of each group, and has independent status indicators; Supports independent control of remote platforms and stand-alone WEB, and supports independent control of front-end hardware switches;
DC12V Power Port One DC12V and One DC5V delayed power supply port, which can be controlled remotely
Strong Lightning Protection
Maximum Current 20KA, (40KA、60KA,80KA,100KA,120KA option)
Rated Voltage 220VAC
Maximum Working Voltage 385VAC
Response Time <25NS
Lightning Protection of LAN Port ITU-TK21:10/700μs 6KV(40Ω)
Dimension 500mm*400mm*200mm(height*width*depth)
Weight 10.75kg
Operating Temperature -20℃-75℃

Exploring the Applications of Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the future of surveillance is taking a revolutionary turn with the introduction of Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes. These innovative devices are designed to be seamlessly integrated into various urban infrastructures such as street lighting poles, road traffic camera systems, and city surveillance systems. By harnessing the power of IoT technology, these boxes can provide real-time monitoring and data collection capabilities that were previously unheard of. With advanced sensors and analytics algorithms, these smart devices can detect anomalies in traffic flow, monitor public spaces for suspicious activities, and even optimize energy usage for street lighting. The possibilities are endless with Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes paving the way for a smarter and safer urban environment.

Smart IoT Surveillance Box for Street Lighting Poles

Street Lighting Poles

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes for road traffic camera system

Road Traffic Camera Systems

Smart IoT Surveillance Boxes for city surveillance system

City Surveillance Systems

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