Fiberroad Brings Next-Generation Industrial Connectivity to Smart Nation Expo

Fiberroad, the leading provider of industrial Ethernet and optical transport products, will be exhibiting at SMART NATION EXPO 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19-21 September. Visit us at booth:6191&6192 to see our latest innovations in action.

Fiberroad is at the forefront of providing next-generation industrial connectivity solutions that enable industries to stay ahead of the curve. Our Industrial Ethernet switches are designed to meet the most demanding applications and environments, making us the perfect partner for today’s digital transformation.

At the Smart Nation Expo, Fiberroad will demonstrate industrial Ethernet switches for smart cities, industrial automation and smart mining solutions. These switches provide highly reliable, secure and real-time connectivity for mission-critical applications. With features like ring redundancy, precision timing and ruggedized enclosures, Fiberroad’s industrial Ethernet switches keep everything running smoothly.

Fiberroad’s CEO, Peter, said: “We are excited to showcase our innovative industrial Ethernet solutions at Smart Nation Expo. Our switches enable the connectivity and communication that is essential for building smart cities and enabling digital transformation across industries. We look forward to demonstrating our technology and discussing partnership opportunities with leaders in smart cities and industrial automation.

Fiberroad has over 15 years of experience providing industrial Ethernet solutions to partners and customers worldwide. With a focus on reliability, security and real-time performance, Fiberroad’s products are suitable for any environment, from smart cities to factories to mines.

Visit Fiberroad at booth:6191&6192 to see how we are enabling the connectivity behind smart cities and Industry 4.0.

Smart Nation Expo 2023