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FIRO WebGUI Management is an embedded HTML web site residing in flashing memory on CPU board of Fiberroad manageable networking hardware, such as Managed Fiber Media Converter series, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch series, Optical Transport Network series. FIRO WebGUI Management offers advanced management features and allows users to managed the hardware from anywhere on the network through a standard browser.

Supported Product Series


Media Converter              Ethernet Switch                         Optical Transport System

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Unlock the Power of WebGUI Management for Your Systems

FIRO WebGUI management provides users with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and immediate visual feedback. A WebGUI also allows users to open up multiple programs and displays simultaneously.  The ease of use of WebGUI has made possible for the public in general, regardless of experience or knowledge to access all kinds of systems for every user.

Managed Ethernet Network Switch Series

The managment includes STP/RSTP/MSTP, ERPSv2, OSPF , VLAN, IGMP, QoS, RMON, Port mirroring, Bandwidth management, SNTP. Also online monitoring and firmware upgrade.

Advanced PoE management functions, such as PoE power scheduling,PoE Mode and PoE budget. As well as device auto-checking and auto-reset. The built-in “PoE schedule” for energy saving, enable or disable PoE power feeding for each PoE port during specified time intervals, and it is a powerful function to help SMBs or enterprises save power and money.

Optical Transport Network Series

  • Completely visual graphic information,one-click export resource statement
  • Support electronic map positioning and fault location
  • Security service interrupt
  • Support audio alarm, email/SMS alerts, realtime remote monitoring
  • Optical performance monitoring

Managed Fiber Media Converter Series

  • Support network hardware auto-discovery and adding.
  • Complete system information can be set up and displayed.
  • Remote power off alarming, precisely distinguish remote failure.
  • Remote power off alarming.
  • Support bandwidth management, managing remote units conveniently.
  • Support Loopback and PRBS, precisely locating the failure, convenient for link test.

Support Documents

Item Type Version Release Date
WebGUI User Manual—Serial over Ethernet switch v3.0.0
12 MB
Smart Industrial Ethernet Switch WebGUI User Manual
8 MB
FR8000-OLS WebGUI Interface User Guide
1 MB

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