20-200km Fiber Bragg Gratings DCM

FBG-DCM is a compact chromatic dispersion compensator that features both low insertion loss and the lowest latency on the market. The channelized nature of the fiber Bragg gratings used in the DCML prevents interchannel and intrachannel nonlinear impairments such as self-phase modulation and four-wave mixing crosstalk. These features enable the DCML to handle high optical input power, giving it the flexibility to be used as a pre-compensator before the fiber link or as a post-compensator at the receiver end. The FBG-DCM provides full C-band coverage on either a 50 or 100GHz grid, addressing up to 9 channels with a single device on the 50GHz grid. All of this performance is packed inside a passive, environmentally rugged package that operates reliably even outside the plant.

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Communication and internet service providers (CSP & ISP) are looking for ways to increase data rates in next-generation DWDM networks. In particular, data-center interconnect (DCI)/enterprise, fiber-to-the-premises (FTTx), and 5G X-Haul networks using intensity modulation direct detection (IMDD) require a simple, cost-effective, and reliable chromatic dispersion compensation solution when increasing the reach and data rate under which they operate. Fiberroad FBG-based DCM has been widely deployed as an essential component of regional and metropolitan networks for more than 15 years. The FBG-DCM has dominated the FBG-based dispersion compensation market because the proven-reliable, compact modules are a totally passive solution that features ultra-low latency and low-insertion loss.  


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