Open Optical Line System

FR8000-OLS is a new generation of the optical line system, apply to edge data centre interconnection, particularly for IPoverDWDM applications. Provide a cost-effective and meet the transport capacity demand for more than 4T.

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New Generation Optical Line System

Meet the Needs Of Optical Link

Reliable Management Online Monitoring

 Key Feature

  • Super T-bit Capacity
  • Extra Long Distance -2000km, Without electric repeater transmission
  • Support 100M to 400G mixed
  • Smooth network update for high bandwidth.
  • Whole network intelligent protection, high reliability.、
  • Line-side Support 1+1 Double port selecting redundancy protection、
  • The modular design of Power Supply, Fan Unit, Services Card for easy maintenance.

Various Format

  • 1U/1.25U open and modularized chassis structure.
  • 1/4 universal module slots
  • High-density Mux/Demux

Intelligent Network Management

  • Completely visual graphic information
  • Support electronic map positioning, fault location and isolation quickly and accurately
  • Support voice alarm, e-mail alerts, SMS alerts approach, real-time online remote monitoring
  • EMS Management platform, covering the entire Process from Plan to maintenance.
  • Support fault quick diagnosis, one-click export resource statements
  • Support Cable Fault point localization diagnosis, real-time detection cable quality.
  • Support OPM transmission performance scan

Chassis Specifications

System Parameters Description
Power Supply Support universal input 100~240V VAC or -48V VDC The dual power supplies can function in load share mode
FAN 4* FAN units
Mgmt Interface Built-in, Support Ethernet and Console
Operation Temperature 0~50 ℃
Humidity 5% ~ 95% non-condensing; 0-10,000 ft.altitude
LEDs Power & Module status indication
Dimension 430mm(D)*355mm(W)*265mm(H)
Warranty 1 year (Both Hardware and Software)
Compliance FCC Class A, CE Class A, RoHS

Support Documents

Item Type Version Release Date
Fiberroad_OLS_Product Brochure
3 MB
FR8000-OLS WebGUI Interface User Guide
1 MB
FR8000-OLS Installation Guide
636 KB
FR8000-OLS System Overview
1 MB
FR8000-OLS Maintenance Guide
473 KB

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