Athermal AWG

  • 40/48 Channel 100 GHz DWDM combined Multiplexer and Demultiplexer (MUX & DEMUX)
  • Plug’n play: requires no configuration
  • Green product: completely passive, needs no power and no cooling
  • Uniform insertion loss variation over the 40-channels – less than 1dB (typical 0.6dB)per MUX or DEMUX
  • Compatible with 100GHz ITU Grid DWDM active transponders and transceivers from Fiberroad and other third parties
  • High reliability

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Athermal AWG is a high performance DWDM mux/demux product based on silica-on-silicon planar technology (AWG or arrayed waveguide gratings). It has a unique athermal packaging design that achieves temperature compensation passively with no requirement on electrical control. It is a completely passive module that has high stability and reliability. Athermal AWG combines standard 100GHZ DWDM ITU grid channels 21 through 60, and Applies to FR-8000 chassis, occupying 2 service slots. The AAWG is ideal for increasing the fiber capacity between two sites without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers. The complete passive solution requires no power cabling and no configuration; it is a true plug and play solution. Athermal AWG enables separation of the active equipment from wavelength multiplexing components. It is used in conjunction with active optical devices applied in C or L-bands wavelength range with MAX expanding up to 48 channels.It offers a combination of low optical insertion loss and high channel isolation along with long term reliability and low cost per channel.

Athermal AWG Application Example

Athermal AWG

OTN Systems chassis compatibility

Part No. FR-8010 FR-8015 FR-8025 FR-8060
Picture Athermal AWG Athermal AWG Athermal AWG Athermal AWG
Client Interface 1U Access, 1-slot 1.25U Access, 4-slots 2.5U Access, 7-slots 6U Access, 15-slots
Power Interface 2-Slots in back panel for power supply modules 4-Slots in back panel
Mgmt Interface Built-in 1-slot in back panel 1-slot in front panel
Unit LEDs Power & In-Use LED’s for each power supply(with use of optional LED module)
Dimensions(mm) 430(D)x315(W)x45(H) 430(D)x365(W)x55(H) 430(D)x350(W)x114(H) 430(D)x355(W)x265(H)

Two open bays for Chassis power modules, supporting Universal Input 100-240V VAC, or -48V VDC

The dual power supplies can function in instant Fail-Ocer Mode or Load Share Mode

Environment 0~50CHumidity: 5%~95% non-condensing;0-10,000 ft.altitude
Net Weight 4.2kg 4.6kg 5.2kg 15.0kg

Q & A

Q: Will this DWDM Mux Demux provide customized sevices? A: Yes, we can customize your Mux perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Any wavelength, any connector, any housing and any special ports can be achieved.   Q: Passive CWDM vs DWDM – Which to choose? A: Generally, CWDM offers a convenient and cost-efficient solution for short distance, low capacity, sub-10G. While DWDM supports long haul applications with speed protocols of up to 100G/200G per channel.

Performance Parameters

Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Number of Channels 40/48
Channel Spacing 100 GHz
Cha. Center Wavelength C -band nm
Center Frequency Accuracy ±0.05 nm
1dB Passband 0.4 nm
3dB Passband 0.6 nm
Insertion Loss Passband 4.5 6.0 dB
Adjacent Channel Isolation 25 dB
Non-Adjacent,Channel Isolation 35 dB
Total Crosstalk 25
Insertion Loss Uniformity 1.5 dB
Directivity(Mux Only) 40 dB
Insertion Loss Ripple 0.5 dB
Optical Return loss 40 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss(PDL) 0.3 0.5 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion(PMD) 0.5 ps
Maximum Optical Power 24 dBm
Operating Temperature -5℃~+75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Relative humidity 5 to 95% maximum, non-condensing
Size AWG Module 53(W)× 195(H)× 252(D)

Channels List:Passbands for 40 channel AAWG

Channel On ITU grid in C-band Channel On ITU grid in C-band
Frequency(THz) Wavelength(nm) Frequency(THz) Wavelength(nm)
C21 192.1 1560.61 C41 194.1 1544.53
C22 192.2 1559.79 C42 194.2 1543.73
C23 192.3 1558.98 C43 194.3 1542.94
C24 192.4 1558.17 C44 194.4 1542.14
C25 192.5 1557.36 C45 194.5 1541.35
C26 192.6 1556.55 C46 194.6 1540.56
C27 192.7 1555.75 C47 194.7 1539.77
C28 192.8 1554.94 C48 194.8 1538.98
C29 192.9 1554.13 C49 194.9 1538.19
C30 193.0 1553.33 C50 195.0 1537.40
C31 193.1 1552.52 C51 195.1 1536.61
C32 193.2 1551.72 C52 195.2 1535.82
C33 193.3 1550.92 C53 195.3 1535.04
C34 193.4 1550.12 C54 195.4 1534.25
C35 193.5 1549.32 C55 195.5 1533.47
C36 193.6 1548.51 C56 195.6 1532.68
C37 193.7 1547.72 C57 195.7 1531.90
C38 193.8 1546.92 C58 195.8 1531.12
C39 193.9 1546.12 C59 195.9 1530.33
C40 194.0 1545.32 C60 196.0 1529.56

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