10G XFP Transceivers

  • Data Rate 9.953Gbps ~ 10.3Gbps
  • In line with standard hot-pluggable MSA
  • Transmission distance of 300m ~ 80km optional
  • support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring
  • Wavelength of 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM, DWDM wavelength
  • Standard Laser Class 1 laser
  • Comply with MSA and SFF-8472, RoHS standard
  • Broad compatibility (compatible with Cisco, Huawei switches routers…)

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10G SFP+ Transceivers and 10G XFP Transceivers include SR LR ER ZR, CWDM / DWDM, BIDI series, complaint with MSA, SFF-8472, SFF-8431, with the feature of low power consumption, commerical or industrial operation temperature and high reliability,suitable for DC, Metro, Wireless and Transmission networks. 10 Gigabit Optical Transceivers SFP+ and XFP Pluggable Optical Modules 10 Gigabit Optical Transceivers are interchangeable, compact media connectors and enable a single network device to connect to a wide variety of fiber types and distances. SFP+ and XFP Optical Transceivers reduce network equipment inventories by eliminating the need to maintain surplus modules of various media types for network repairs or upgrades. They also enable network upgrades and growth by providing interchangeable fiber and copper connectors that can easily adapt to and modify any existing network. By providing compact physical size and the ease of interchangeability, Fiberroad Optical Transceivers provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for network designs. For use with Fiberroad 10 Gigabit Ethernet Media Converters and third party equipment that supports SFP+ and XFP transceivers. Select a Model to obtain a Part Number. Or view Fiberroad SFP Optical Transceivers.

Part No. Description Wavelength Distance Rate Transmitter/Receiver
FRXX-AL1N2C XFP SR 850nm 300m 10Gb/s VCSEL/PIN
FRXX-AL3Q1C XFP IR 1310nm 2km 10Gb/s FP/PIN
FRXX-AL311C XFP LR 1310nm 10km 10Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRXX-AL541C XFP ER 1550nm 40km 10Gb/s EML/PIN
FRXX-AL581C XFP ZR 1550nm 80km 10Gb/s EML/APD
FRXX-AL5W1C XFP ZR 1550nm 100km 10Gb/s EML/APD
FRXC-ALx41C XFP CWDM 1470~1610 40km 10Gb/s EML/PIN
FRXC-ALx81C XFP CWDM 1470~1610 80km 10Gb/s EML/APD
FRXH-ALxx41C 50GHz DWDM XFP CH17~CH61 40km 10Gb/s EML/PIN
FRXH-ALxx81C 50GHz DWDM XFP CH17~CH61 80km 10Gb/s EML/APD
FRXD-ALxx41C 100GHz DWDM XFP CH17~CH61 40km 10Gb/s EML/PIN
FRXD-ALxx81C 100GHz DWDM XFP CH17~CH61 80km 10Gb/s EML/APD
FRXX-AL8613C XFP BIDI 1330nm 10km 10Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRXX-AL6813C XFP BIDI 1270nm 10km 10Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRXX-AL8643C XFP BIDI 1330nm 40km 10Gb/s EML/PIN
FRXX-AL6843C XFP BIDI 1270nm 40km 10Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRXX-AL8663C XFP BIDI 1330nm 60km 10Gb/s DFB/APD
FRXX-AL6863C XFP BIDI 1270nm 60km 10Gb/s DFB/APD
FRXX-AL5483C XFP BIDI 1550nm 80km 10Gb/s EML/APD
FRXX-AL4583C XFP BIDI 1490nm 80km 10Gb/s EML/APD

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