2.5G SFP Transcievers

  • Double / single LC, SC optical interface
  • Hot swap, in line with SFP MSA and SFF-8472 requirements
  • FP LD launch or launch DFB LD
  • PIN PD or APD PD receives reception
  • Metal packaging, good EMI and EMC performanc
  • Work rate: 155M ~ 4Gbps
  • Transmission distance: 500m ~ 160km

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SFP Transceiver
SFP Transceiver
SFP Transceiver
SFP Transceiver
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155M/1.25G/2.5G/4G SFP Transcievers include SR LR ER ZR, CWDM/DWDM, BIDI series, complaint with MSA, SFF-8472, with the feature of low power consumption, commerical or industrial operation temperature and high reliability, suitable for DC, Metro and Transmission networks. SFP Optical Transceivers, Small Form Pluggable Optical Modules SFP Optical Transceivers are hot-swappable, compact media connectors that provide instant fiber connectivity for your networking gear. They are a cost effective way to connect a single network device to a wide variety of fiber cable distances and types. By eliminating the need to maintain surplus units/ devices of various fiber types for network repairs or upgrades Small Form Pluggable Optical Transceivers reduce network equipment inventories. SFPs allow one product the flexibility to expand by speed (Fast Ethernet and 1, 10, or 40 Gigabit), and/or distance (220 m to 80 km). Network upgrades are also made easier because SFPs are interchangeable fiber connectors that can adapt to any existing network. For example, by simply replacing the pluggable optical transceiver, a media converter that was originally used in a multimode network can be re-configured to operate over a CWDM network.   ADVANTAGES OF SFP TRANSCEIVERS Broad range of Fiber applications Popular networking protocols such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM/SONET OC-X, SDH STM-X can be used with these modules. SFP Optical Transceivers can be used and interchanged on a wide variety of Cisco or MSA compliant SFP products. They can be intermixed in combinations of 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX/LH, 1000BASE-EX, 1000BASE-ZX, or 1000BASE-BX10-D/U on a port-by-port basis. SFP Optical Transceivers are designed for use with Fiberroad SFP Media Converters, Industrial Ethernet Switches, PoE Switch and third party equipment that supports SFP transceivers. Select the appropriate tab above to view Duplex, Simplex( BiDi ), CWDM or 10 Gigabit SFP+ and XFP Models.   SFP TRANSCEIVERS FEATURES MSA SFF-8472 Compliant All SFPs fully comply with the Multi Sourcing Agreement (MSA). Cisco IOS Compatible All Fiberroad SFPs can be installed in all Cisco SFP-based routers and switches and are fully compatible with Cisco’s IOS software. Enhanced digital diagnostic information (DOM or DMI) Provides readable digital diagnostic information for managed gear to assist network administrators with network maintenance and management. CWDM models CWDM Pluggable Optical Transceivers increase network capacity by transmitting multiple data channels using separate optical wavelengths (1470nm to 1610nm) on the same fiber pair. These wavelengths are compliant to the ITU G.694 CWDM standard. Industrial Temperature models Industrial -40°F to 185°F ( -40°C to 85°C ) case temperature models are available for extended temperature environments. Environmental CE, RoHS, FCC

Part No. Description Wavelength Distance Rate Transmitter/Receiver
FRSX-2L1P2C SFP SX 850nm 550m 2.5Gb/s VCSEL/PIN
FRSX-2L311C SFP LX 1310nm 10km 2.5Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRSX-2L341C SFP EX 1310nm 40km 2.5Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRSX-2L581C SFP EX 1550nm 80km 2.5Gb/s DFB/APD
FRSX-2L5X1C SFP ZX 1550nm 120km 2.5Gb/s DFB/APD
FRSX-2L3423C BIDI SFP 1310nm/1550nm 20Km 2.5Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRSX-2L3543C BIDI SFP 1310nm/1550nm 40km 2.5Gb/s DFB/PIN
FRSX-2L4583C BIDI SFP 1490nm/1550nm 80km 2.5Gb/s DFB/APD
FRSX-2L4583C BIDI SFP 1490nm/1550nm 120km 2.5Gb/s DFB/APD
FRSC-2Lx81C CWDM SFP 1270~1610nm 80km 2.5Gb/s DFB/APD
FRSC-2LxX1C CWDM SFP 1270~1610nm 120km 2.5Gb/s DFB/APD
FRSH-2Lxx81C DWDM SFP CH17~CH61 80km 2.5Gb/s EML/APD
FRSH-2LxxX1C DWDM SFP CH17~CH61 120km 2.5Gb/s EML/APD

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