40G 3R QSFP to QSFP Transponder

  • Supporting QSFP to QSFP
  • Supporting1*40G Mode and 4*10G Mode
  • Supporting Loopback test, precisely locating the failure, convenient for link test
  • 3R function, stable data transmission
  • Short delay time when transparent transmission
  • Supporting Jumbo frame
  • Supporting DMI(Diagnostic Monitoring Interface) function of optical transceivers
  • With powerful network management function, supporting WEB and SNMP
  • Supporting hot plug
  • Easy installation with complete LED indicators for working situation
  • Supporting 2U chassis (16 slots) and standalone use

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40G 3R QSFP to QSFP Transponder is a high-performance 40G optical signals repeater, using Optical – Electrical – Optical wavelength conversion, realize the optical signal equilibrium amplification, clock extraction and optical regeneration, and with CWDM technology, can achieve optical signals transmit in a single fiber by single or multiple way over a long distance. On the existing network infrastructure, it can quickly improve the communication capacity, expand the bandwidth, while using low cost and high cost-effective solutions to manage and operate the system, easy operation and maintenance.

Managed Conversion Platform – 2U 16 Slots Managed Converter Rack

The 2U 16 Slots Converter Rack is an Ethernet and SDH transmission equipment,support mutiple services including managed media converter card, OEO Converter card, 1+1 protection switching card, CWDM/DWDM MUX/DEMUX Card, etc., support protocols like SNMP, WEB, CONSOLE and TELNET , with strong management function, and operate easily to meet different customer’s requirement.

Cards can insert in 2U 16 Slots Managed Converter Rack:

Advantages of 40G 3R QSFP to QSFP Transponder

Excellent Transponder Supporting Wavelength Conversion for WDM Networks
The optical transponder can convert 40Gbps Ethernet signals into a corresponding wavelength in CWDM and DWDM network infrastructures. It enables network operators to implement a wide range of media conversions in a compact and flexible design.

Optical Transponder for Fiber-Type Conversion and Optical Repeating
The optical transponder can be deployed in the seamless integration of different fiber types by converting multimode fiber to single-mode fiber, dual fiber to single fiber, and it can also be used as a repeater to convert the weak optical signals into the strong optical signal for continuous

Application of the 40G Data Rate Transmission
Transponder (OEO) can convert incoming optical signals into precise ITU-standard wavelengths. With MPO/MTP harness cable, one 40G optical signal can be broken out into 4x10G signals, and then the OEO will convert them into the corresponding CWDM/DWDM wavelengths that can be multiplexed.

Available for All-in-One Multi-Service Transport System

As a part of multi-service transport system, hot-swappable pluggable 40G 3R QSFP to QSFP Transponder Card only occupies 1 slot in the 2U chassis, and it allows the backbone of the network to be flexible and easier to be managed and maintained. Our transponders are available in two form factors, chassis-based slide-in cards and stand-alone converters, allowing you the most flexibility for your network. View the different form factors asbelow:

40G 3R QSFP to QSFP Transponder 40G 3R QSFP to QSFP Transponder

Chassis-based slide-in (Local Side)

Remote Standalone (Remote Side)

Comprehensive Management System Built to Reduce Complexity
Our Monitor Online based on SNMP is a user-friendly and remote network management system. It monitors network performance, and provisioning, provides fault notification status, etc. The management system simplifies provisioning of complex networks and services that address today’s and tomorrow’s network management challenges.

SNMP Management
Web Management
Physical Port
Optical Interface QSFP+ interface×2
Data rate Up to 40G
Protocol Multiple functions in one module: 40G converter/repeater—Quad 10G optical multiplexer 40G link interface
Ethernet/IEEE 802.3ba 40GE-SR4/LR4/ER4
10G interface:9.95 ~ 11.3125Gbps
Regeneration Re-Amplification, Re-Shaping, Re-Timing
LED Indicator Power, System, Mode, Test, FX1 Link, FX2 Link, FX3 Link, FX4 Link
Power Information
Power Input Card: DC 5V

Standalone: AC 220V/DC -48V

Power Consumption Full-load<8W
Physical Property
Dimensions Card:120mm×90mm×22mm


Installation Mode wall-mountable
Weight Card:100g


Working Environment
Operating Temperature 0°C~50°C
Operating Humidity 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Temperature -10°C~70°C
MTBF 50,000 hours
Defects Liability Period 1 year warranty, lifetime technical support
Certification Standard
EMC FCC Part15 Class A



EN61000-4-2 (ESD), EN61000-4-3 (RS)

EN6100044 (EFT), EN6100045 (Surge)

EN61000^1-6 (CS), EN61000-4-8


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