Everything You Need to Know about 25G Optics

25G The Cornerstone of high-speed networks

With the development of data center with the broadband upgrade, optical module plays a more and more important role. We know that light modules have evolved over the years, The speed was increased from 10G to 800G, and the form factor was improved from 1X9 optical module to the current mainstream QSFP28, CFP2 optical module form factor, each time the development. The SFP28 optical module is one of the families of optical modules. The appearance of a 25G optical module makes up for the high price of a high-speed optical module and the high speed of a 10G optical module cannot meet the needs of users to some extent, so it is a low-speed optical module in the optical module market. The 25G SFP28 optical module is an optical module with a transmission rate of 25Gbps. It is a new Ethernet standard with many advantages, mainly used for the interconnection of data center servers and switches. The biggest advantage of 25G Ethernet technology is its ability to maximize bandwidth and port density. It can deliver 100 Gb of data using 25Gb/s single-channel physical layer technology, providing the most energy-efficient way to meet the growing demands of next-generation data center networks.

25G optics Data Center Intraconnection and interconnection
100G over 25G DWDM