Gigabit Unmanaged Intrinsically Safe Embedded Ethernet Switch

Fiberroad intrinsically safe embedded Ethernet switch is an outstanding solution for those seeking a cost-effective and reliable network switch that can be effortlessly installed and maintained in hazardous areas. With its specialized hazardous area certification, this remarkable device allows the components to be seamlessly mounted in Zone 1 or Division 1 hazardous areas while ensuring connectivity into Zone 0. Its intrinsic safety feature guarantees utmost protection against potential explosions or fires caused by electrical sparks, making it a truly dependable choice for critical environments. This cutting-edge switch not only prioritizes safety but also offers exceptional performance, enabling seamless communication and data transmission within the network infrastructure. The engineers at Fiberroad have designed this ingenious product with simplicity in mind, ensuring that even non-technical individuals can easily install and maintain it without any hassle. With its unmatched combination of reliability, affordability, ease of use, and compliance with strict safety standards, the intrinsically safe embedded Ethernet switch from Fiberroad stands out as an excellent option for those operating in hazardous areas who value both functionality and peace of mind.

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Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with an Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch

An Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the fields of safety and efficiency. Designed to operate in hazardous environments, this device ensures utmost protection against potential explosions caused by electrical sparks or heat generated from traditional switches. Its ingenious design incorporates features such as encapsulated components and specialized housings, making it impervious to harsh conditions like extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture. With its capability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, this switch empowers industries dealing with flammable gases or volatile chemicals to enhance their network connectivity without compromising safety standards. Furthermore, the Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch’s advanced security protocols guarantee secure data transmission within critical operations while maintaining uninterrupted performance even during power failures. This state-of-the-art solution not only safeguards personnel but also optimizes operational productivity by enabling efficient communication across various sections of an industrial facility, thus streamlining workflows and promoting overall profitability.

Exploring the Benefits and Applications of Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switches

Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switches are revolutionizing industries where safety is paramount, such as oil refineries and chemical plants. Designed to prevent explosions in hazardous environments, these switches provide unparalleled protection without compromising on connectivity. With advanced features like galvanic isolation and fault-tolerant design, they ensure reliable data transmission while eliminating the risk of sparks or ignition sources. Additionally, Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switches offer a wide range of applications beyond traditional industrial settings. They are ideal for underground mining operations, where combustible gases pose significant dangers. These switches enable seamless communication within mines while minimizing the potential for catastrophic accidents. Furthermore, in explosive atmospheres found in munitions facilities or fireworks manufacturing plants, Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switches guarantee safe networking solutions without impeding productivity or efficiency. By employing cutting-edge technology and adhering to stringent safety standards, these switches have become indispensable tools that protect both workers and assets in high-risk environments.

Ethernet Interface





2x100BASE-X 1X9

3×10/100BASE-T RJ45

2x1000BASE-X 1X9

3×10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45

3x1000BASE-X SFP

3×10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45

Port Mode(Tx)

Auto-Negotiation Speed

Full/Half Duplex Mode

Auto MDI/MDI-X Connection



Packet Buffer Size

512K 1M 1M

Jumbo Frame

2K 9K


MAC Address Table 2K 4K


Transmission Mode

Store and Forward (full/half duplex mode)

Backplane bandwidth

             1.0Gbps                      12Gbps         12Gbps
Switching Latency ≤7us ≤7us


Physical Characteristics







Embedded Hole Positioning


Operating Temperature

-40℃~75℃ (-40 to 167 ℉)

Operating Humidity

5%~95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature

-40℃~85℃ (-40 to 185 ℉)


500,000 hours

Power Supply

Power Input



The 2 Pin industrial terminal, supports dual power input

LED Indicators


Power Status,  Fiber and RJ45 Port Link/ACT


Support External wire,2.0mm Pitch Connectors


EMS Attributes

Static Immunity

Air discharge ±8kv, contact discharge ±6kv

Surge Impact

Power supply common mode ±2kv/ differential mode ±1kv, network port ±2kv

Electrical transient pulse group

Power supply 1kv@5KHz, network port 0.5kv@5KHz

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