Tunable Dispersion Compensator (TDCM)

The Fiberroad TDCM series is the only G.652 slope-matched tunable chromatic dispersion compensator on the market that provides adjustable, simultaneous compensation for all channels across the entire C-band, all within a single device.

System vendors who serve communication and internet service providers (CSP & ISP) are seeking ways to increase data rates in next-generation DWDM access networks. This is particularly true for data-center interconnect (DCI)/enterprise, fiber-to-the-premises (FTTx), and 5G X-Haul networks operating with intensity modulation direct detection (IMDD) modulation formats such as PAM-4.

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Product Highlights Tunable: The TDCM provides highly accurate , dynamically adjustable chromatic dispersion compensation over a large range of dispersion values(from 0 to 80km with the same module). Full C-band coverage: Full C-band coverage,either on a 50GHz or 100GHz grid G.652 Slope-Matched: The TDCM compensates for the chromatic dispersion slope of the fiber, resulting in a precise , homogeneous residual dispersion for every channel of the C-band. Compact: The TDCM has dimensions of only 130x22x14mm. Low-Latency: The TDCM features a latency of less than 25ns, a reduction of over 1000x compared to dispersion compensating fiber(DCF), making it the perfect choice for time-sensitive networks.

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