Fiberroad is proud to announce the new series of Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch for Industrial Automation Application

To promote the upgrade of automatic communication solutions, Fiberroad Technology has launched the Auto Pro series of industrial switches. The launch of this series of products marks another milestone in automatization and professionalism achieved by Fiberroad Technology, providing superior automatic solutions for industrial management systems. To give you a deeper understanding of the unique features of Auto Pro, let’s explore what exactly Auto Pro is and how it plays a key role in industrial automation. 

Auto Pro Design Concept 

The Auto Pro design concept represents Fiberroad’s well-conceived approach in industrial automation, aiming to provide superior automation solutions for industrial management environments. “Auto Pro”, which stands for the fusion of two key elements,”Auto”(automation) and “Pro “(professionalism), highlights the double strengths of Fiberroad’s products in terms of automation and professionalism. 

 1. Innovation in Automation: 

“Auto” represents the core value of automation, implying that products are not just mechanical tools, but the smart assistant of automation. Our Auto Pro industrial Ethernet switches utilize advanced technologies that are driven by automation to support the full range of industrial management tasks. Ranging from Auto Broadcast Suppression to Auto QoS Priority, from Auto Energy Management to Auto Power Switching, each feature is designed to provide users with a smart experience without human operation, freeing them to focus on their core tasks. 

2. Professional-grade performance: 

The “Pro” stands for professional-grade performance, and the Auto Pro Series switches are advanced solutions designed for industrial automation. We deeply understand the complexities and requirements of industrial management, so the Auto Pro series switches are not only equipped with automatic features, but also focus on industrial-grade stability, high performance, and reliability. Whether operated in harsh environmental conditions or facing intensive data transmission, Auto Pro is up to the task of ensuring the smooth operation of industrial management systems. 

3. Comprehensive Application Scenarios:

Auto Pro is designed to cover a wide range of application scenarios: industrial automatic management, road traffic and building automatic management, water and power industry automatic management and data center monitoring. Our goal is to provide consistently high-quality solutions for industrial management needs in a variety of areas, ensuring that your automation projects give the best performances in different environments. 

In short, the Auto Pro design philosophy is to pursue the ultimate in industrial automation, representing the smart, automatic and specialized nature of our products. By fusing automation and professionalism, we are committed to making Auto Pro a leading force in industrial automation, creating a more efficient, reliable and smarter automation management experience for users. 


Choosing the Right One for Your Industrial Automation Networking

5×10/100Base-Tx RJ45

8×10/100Base-Tx RJ45

16×10/100Base-Tx RJ45

Key Features of Auto Pro Industrial Switches 

1. Auto Broadcast Suppression

Auto Pro series industrial switches are equipped with Auto Broadcast Suppression technology, which improves the stability and reliability of industrial networks and allows uninterrupted communication. Auto Broadcast Suppression is an intelligent network management function that can identify and respond to broadcast storms that may occur in the network. 

A broadcast storm is an abnormal network traffic situation that may be triggered by the abnormal behaviour of certain nodes in the network. Auto Pro series industrial switches ensure the entire industrial network works properly by monitoring the network traffic in real-time and intelligently suppressing and isolating potential sources of broadcast storms according to preset algorithms. 

2. Auto QoS Priority 

Auto Pro series industrial switches adopt advanced QoS (Quality of Service) technology to provide superior performance and stability for industrial Ethernet communications through intelligent traffic analysis and dynamic priority adjustment. This series of switches can automatically adjust the priority of packets based on traffic characteristics and network requirements to ensure real-time transmission of critical data. This intelligent QoS prioritization not only improves network efficiency, but also effectively reduces response time, making industrial communication systems more flexible and reliable. 

The QoS function of Auto Pro series industrial switches can be customized according to different application scenarios and communication needs to satisfy users’ specific requirements. Its advanced traffic management mechanism enables the network to better adapt to changing industrial environments, ensuring efficient and reliable transmission of critical data even under high load and complex network conditions. 

3. Auto Jumbo Frame Support 

The Auto Pro series of industrial switches introduces advanced Auto Jumbo Frame technology, which allows the switch to intelligently identify and process jumbo frames, enhancing the efficiency and volume of data transmission. By automatically recognizing jumbo frames, the switch can effectively cope with high-capacity data streams, providing excellent performance support for real-time data collection, video surveillance and other application scenarios. 

Real-time performance and reliability play a key role in industrial communication. Auto Jumbo Frame technology of Auto Pro series switches not only improves the speed of data transmission but also drastically reduces the delay of packet transmission, ensuring the timeliness of real-time data. The superiority of Auto Pro is even more obvious in industrial management systems which require instant response or video surveillance systems that require low latency in data transmission. 

4. Auto Energy Management 

Leveraging the Energy Efficient Ethernet standard of IEEE, the Auto Pro series switches can automatically adjust power consumption to suit network needs, reducing energy consumption when the network is unused or lightly loaded, improving energy efficiency, and promoting sustainability without sacrificing performance. 

5. Auto Power Alert 

More than just a high-performance data transmission device, the Auto Pro series switch is a reliable guardian of the industrial Ethernet communication network. Auto Pro supports Auto Power Alert, which alerts managers of any power problems as soon as abnormal conditions such as voltage fluctuations or power interruptions are detected. This timely notification mechanism helps us to respond quickly and take necessary measures to prevent potential network failures and maintain the stability and reliability of the entire system. 

6. Auto Power Switching 

Auto Pro series industrial switches support automatic dual power switching. With Auto Dual Power Switching, the switches can switch to the backup power source quickly and seamlessly, ensuring that the industrial management system continues to operate without being affected by power interruptions. This automatic switching mechanism not only improves system stability but also greatly reduces the risk of production disruption. Power fluctuations and failures in industrial environments can adversely affect equipment, and the dual-power redundancy feature of the Auto Pro series industrial switches effectively addresses these challenges, providing users with a basic reliable network device. 

In addition to the features listed above, Auto Pro Series industrial switches have the core characteristics of industrial-grade equipment. The rugged, industrial-grade design allows these switches to perform well in high and low-temperature environments while providing excellent Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) protection. Their compact construction is designed for limited installation space and plug-and-play for easy integration into a variety of industrial environments. 

Auto Pro Industrial Switches: The Way to Automation 

Auto Pro series industrial switches, as the outstanding products of Fiberroad Technology in the field of industrial automation, provide comprehensive automation solutions for industrial management systems with their advanced design concepts and outstanding features. The integration automation innovation and professional-grade performance makes it widely used in many application scenarios: industrial automatic management, road traffic and building automatic management, water and power industry automatic management and data center monitoring. 

Auto Pro series switches are not only equipped with advanced features such as Auto Broadcast Suppression, Auto QoS Priority, Auto Jumbo Frame, Auto Energy Management, Auto Power Switching, etc., but also support auto dual power switching to ensure stable operation of industrial management systems under abnormal conditions such as power interruption. Its comprehensive application scenarios and the core features of industrial-grade equipment make it a new force in promoting the development of industrial automation, creating a more efficient, smarter and more reliable automatic management experience for users. 

In the future, with the continuous development of industrial automatic technology, Auto Pro series industrial switches will further deepen its automatic functions, adapt to more complex industrial environments, and continuously optimize its performance to meet the evolving industrial management needs. We look forward to Auto Pro continuing to play its essential role in various application scenarios in the future, bringing more innovation to the industrial automation field.