Gigabit Media Converter PoE

Gigabit PoE PSE Media Converter is a 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-X (also can be forced to 100Base-FX) media converter complied with IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3af standard, the internal AC/DC powered PoE media converter is a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) which combines data transfer over optical fibre, providing 15.4W or 30W to powered device (PD) over CAT5e/CAT6 copper cable (cable length up to 100meters / 330feets).


Product Features

  • Ideal for confined spaces, and provides highly cost-effective solutions
  • Auto-Negotiation – automatically determines the best connection speed
  • Wall mountable using the integrated mounting holes
  • Single or Dual IEEE 802.3at 30W PoE+ port
  • Fast or Gigabit ethernet, SFP or 1X9 transceiver supports single-mode and multimode, single or dual fiber options up to 120km
  • Supports Jumbo Frames up to 9.6K bytes
  • Intelligent features(DIP Switch/Media Converter) supported including link fault pass-through, automatic laser shutdown, SFP reset and SFP speed selection

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Transforming Your Network Performance with the Gigabit Media Converter with PoE

Gigabit PoE Media Converter enables power over ethernet to network devices in the existing network connection. This Ethernet to Fiber PoE Media Converter provides an economical path to extend the distance of an existing PoE network with fibre cable.

Internal PoE Power Adapter

Furthermore, with Fiberroad’s original internal PoE power adapter design, Gigabit PoE Media Converter provides users with easy-to-install and troubleshooting PoE Media Conversion.

Product Attributes
Ports 1×10/100/1000Base-Tx RJ45
1x 100/1000Base-X SFP/1×9 Port
Port Mode(Tx) Auto Negotiation
Full/Half Duplex
PoE Power Capacity IEEE802.3 af:15.4W
IEEE802.3 at: 30W
Frame Size 9K
DIP Switch FX Reset / FX100M / POE Shutdown / LFP / ALS / AI POE
Input Power AC 100~240V, 47 to 63Hz or DC9-56V Power Consumption af mode: 20W / at mode: 35W
Housing Metal Installation Mode Desktop or Wall Mount
Operating Temperature Operating: 0 to 50℃ (32 to 122℉) Storage Temperature Storage: -20 to +70℃ (-4 to +158℉)

Standard IEEE802.3 af/at- PoE Negotiation

The Gigabit Media Converter PoE built-in a PSE controller, which simultaneously offers PD(Power Device) PoE sensing and PoE negotiation features.

Without damaging not-PoE devices

Gigabit Media Converter PoE is specifically to satisfy the growing demand for poe power network equipment, such as network cameras, VoIP telephones, wireless access points, and other PoE network devices that need Standard IEEE802.3af/at PoE power to function normally.

Gigabit Media Converter PoE

The Benefits of Using a Gigabit Media Converter with PoE in Your Business Setting

The Gigabit PoE Media Converter embedded a DIP switch to enable the Link Fault Pass-Through, AI PoE Function, etc as well as AI operations for PoE network, certainly enhance the application ability.

When the LFP (link fault pass-through) is enabled, The system administrators are able to notice the link failure within a short period of time, significantly minimizing the signal losses.

Simple and Quick Operation with SFP Gigabit PoE Media Converter

Above all, PoE Media Converter, not only implements both Fiber Media Conversion and PoE power supply, but also allows for more efficient troubleshooting, less on-site maintenance, and prevents increased physical damage.

PoE Media Converter – Ideal for IoT

The Gigabit PoE Media Converter is ideal for various of multiple IoT applications, For example, IP Video surveillance systems and Smart Hotel and Campus, etc.

No. Name Status Function
SW1 ENROM OFF FX Reset Disable
ON FX Reset Enable
SW2 FX100M OFF FX 1000M(Default)
ON FX 100M
SW3 POE Shutdown OFF POE Shutdown Disable
ON POE Shutdown Enable
ON LFP Enable
ON ALS Enable
ON AI POE Enable

Gigabit Media Converter PoE FAQs

How does Gigabit Media Converter PoE help simplify the process of powering network devices such as cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points?

Gigabit Media Converter PoE helps to simplify the process of powering your network devices, such as cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points, by providing a single power source for all of them. This eliminates the need for multiple power outlets or adapters and helps to reduce clutter in the workplace. Gigabit Media Converter PoE also supports Standard IEEE802.3af/at PoE power so you can be confident that you have the best possible power solution.

What are some advantages of using a Gigabit Media Converter PoE for powering network devices in an existing network connection?

Our Gigabit PoE Media Converter offers several advantages that make it a great choice for powering network devices. The main advantage is that it will help to extend the distance of an existing PoE network with fiber cable, allowing you to send both data and power over longer distances than normal. Additionally, with its advanced auto-sensing technology, the converter will detect the correct power output voltage automatically, ensuring compatibility with all IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE devices. Finally, its plug-and-play installation makes it quick and easy to set up, saving time for any network engineer.

How does the DIP switch embedded in your product enable Link Fault Pass-Through and AI PoE Function for more efficient network operations?

The DIP switch enables Link Fault Pass-Through and AI PoE Function through two different operations. Link Fault Pass-Through can detect a fault in the network and passes it along so that an engineer can quickly troubleshoot the issue, while AI PoE Function allows our product to efficiently manage power over Ethernet networks. Both of these features help ensure more reliable and efficient network performance.

Physical Port
Copper Port 1x 10/100/1000T(X) RJ45
SFP Slot 1x 100/1000X SFP(or 1×9, SC,ST,FC connector)
LED Indicators Power

SFP Link/Activity

RJ45 Link/Activity

RJ45 Speed

RJ45 Duplex


UTP UTP Cables: CAT5 or above

UTP Cable Limitations: Max. length up to 330 ft. (100 m)

Fiber Optic 1000BASE-SX: 50/125, 62.5/125, or 100/140-µm Multimode 550m 1000BASE-LX: 8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125, or 10/125-µm Single-mode 10km
Ethernet Standards
Standards IEEE802.3i 10Base-T

IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX & 100Base-FX

IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T

IEEE802.3z 1000Base-X

IEEE802.3x Flow Control

IEEE802.3af 15W PoE

IEEE802.3at 30W PoE+

Switching Capacity 2 Gbps
Jumbo Frames 9K
Power Supply AC 100~240V, 47 to 63Hz  or DC9-56V
PoE Power Capacity IEEE802.3 af : 15.4W

IEEE802.3 at : 30W

Power Consumption af mode: 20W

at mode: 35W

Protection Over Currency
Housing Metal
Dimensions 140mm×110mm×40mm(W x D x H)
Weight 500g(Bare Hardware)
Installation Desktop or Wall Mount
Temperature Operating: 0 to 50℃ (32 to 122℉)

Storage: -20 to +70℃ (-4 to +158℉)

Humidity 5 to 95% noncondensing
Altitude <3000m(<10000 ft.)

Support Documents

Item Type Version Release Date
FR-POE332 Product Data Sheet
412 KB
Datasheet 2.0 16/04/2014
User Manual
523 KB
Manual 2.0 19/04/2014
Tech Note -IP Surveillance Camera Bandwidth
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Tech Note
Tech Note-Ethernet OAM
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Tech Note
2D Drawing
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2D Drawing
Tech Note - PoE Of Things
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