10G Transponder with OLP

  • Support 1+1 protection mode
  • Supports automatic switching and manual switching
  • Wide data rate of 8.5G~11.3Gbps support:
    8/10Gbps Fiber Channel
    Up to 2 data channels
  • Support 3R (Reshaping, Retiming, Reamplify) function
  • Support wavelength tunable optical module
  • Support SNMP-based network management
  • Support CLI, web, telnet and NMS(network management system)
  • Graded management mode (common user, super user or administrator)

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10G Transponder with OLP is a compact size 10G Transponder card with 1+1 OLP (optical channel protection) function for automatic protection of a particularly important service channel, enabling a higher availability and reliability for mission critical customers. The optical signals are transmitted to primary and secondary path simultaneously. The receiving end selects primary path to receive optical signals when the primary link is up and switches to secondary path if primary link goes down. Each one card can realize two 10G Link with 6 XFP/SFP+ port selected by customers. It is a cost-effective, high-quality management system which could be plugged in different FR-8000 series chassis to implement device configuration, control and maintenance easily.

10G Transponder with OLP Applications

Web management

10G Transponder with OLP

OTN Systems chassis compatibility

Part No. FR-8010 FR-8015 FR-8025 FR-8060
Picture 10G Transponder with OLP 10G Transponder with OLP 10G Transponder with OLP 10G Transponder with OLP
Client Interface 1U Access, 1-slot 1.25U Access, 4-slots 2.5U Access, 7-slots 6U Access, 15-slots
Power Interface 2-Slots in back panel for power supply modules 4-Slots in back panel
Mgmt Interface Built-in 1-slot in back panel 1-slot in front panel
Unit LEDs Power & In-Use LED’s for each power supply(with use of optional LED module)
Dimensions(mm) 430(D)x315(W)x45(H) 430(D)x365(W)x55(H) 430(D)x350(W)x114(H) 430(D)x355(W)x265(H)

Two open bays for Chassis power modules, supporting Universal Input 100-240V VAC, or -48V VDC

The dual power supplies can function in instant Fail-Ocer Mode or Load Share Mode

Environment 0~50CHumidity: 5%~95% non-condensing;0-10,000 ft.altitude
Net Weight 4.2kg 4.6kg 5.2kg 15.0kg
System parameters Technical indicators
Center wavelength Compliance with ITU-I standard
Data Rate (Gbps) FC:8.5Gbps /10G
SONET OC-192, STM-64 (9.953Gbps)
10G WAN (10Gbps)10G LAN (10.31Gbps)   10G POS
Optical interface type XFP×6
Size OTU Module 26.5(W)× 195(H)× 252(D)
Environment Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ 80℃
Relative humidity 5% ~ 95% Non-condensing
Power Consumption ≤15W

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