2.5U 8 Slot Manament Chassis

  • High capacity xWDM/OTN transmission system
  • 1+1 Protection for Client, Wavelength, Line, Dual power
  • Intelligent SNMP management platform, visual graphical viewing
  • Muti-management access Telnet, Web, SNMP, CLI
  • Support 48 channel xWDM/OTN access
  • Up to 2000km super long distance transmission
  • Support optical electric intelligence, security services interrupt
  • Support OPM channel scanning, OSNR realtime monitoring
  • Support e-map location, fault location quickly and accurately
  • Support audio alarm, email/SMS alerts, realtime remote monitoring

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Fiberroad offer a new generation of high-capacity xWDM/OTN products, apply to national, province, city backbone and other core network levels. The product line can meet the demand of more than 1.6T large capacity node, which is the most valuable transmission application platform for IDC/ISP operators to build big granularity WDM transport solutions.

NMS & Business Card

Part No. FR-8010 FR-8015 FR-8025 FR-8060
Client Interface 1U Access, 1-slot 1.25U Access, 4-slots 2.5U Access, 7-slots 6U Access, 15-slots
Power Interface 2-Slots in back panel for power supply modules 4-Slots in back panel
Mgmt Interface Built-in 1-slot in back panel 1-slot in front panel
Unit LEDs Power & In-Use LED’s for each power supply(with use of optional LED module)
Dimensions(mm) 430(D)x315(W)x45(H) 430(D)x365(W)x55(H) 430(D)x350(W)x114(H) 430(D)x355(W)x265(H)

Two open bays for Chassis power modules, supporting Universal Input 100-240V VAC, or -48V VDC

The dual power supplies can function in instant Fail-Ocer Mode or Load Share Mode

Environment 0~50CHumidity: 5%~95% non-condensing;0-10,000 ft.altitude
Net Weight 4.2kg 4.6kg 5.2kg 15.0kg

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