16xGigabit SFP+8xGigabit RJ45 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch

L2+ Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch is a multi-port, high-standard Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch independently developed by Fiberroad for industrial ethernet networks. This product adopts industry-leading technical standards and can provide stable and reliable Ethernet transmission with high-quality design and reliability. They are designed in 1RU Rack Mount aluminium housing and have 24 Gigait Ethernet ports, plus an additional 4 Gigabit Combo Port(SFP/RJ45) providing data uplink and backbone connectivity.


Product Features

  • All-aluminum Case, Compact and Fanless Design
  • -40 to 75℃ temperature maintains performance in extreme conditions
  • DIN Rail and wall-mountable – quick to install and remove for maintenance
  • Full gigabit L2+ management, easy to manage the industrial network by CLI/WebGUI/NMS.
  • Build up a redundant network with STP/RSTP/ERPSv2.
  • RADIUS, SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1x, HTTPs, SSHv2 and sticky MAC address to enhance network security
  • EherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols supported for device management and monitoring
  • Electric 8KV surge protection Complete status indicator, working state at a glance
  • Power input polarity protection design, no worry about wrong operation
  • QoS, Priority mode based on 802.1P, Port & DSCP, queue scheduling algorithm including SP, WRR&SP+WRR

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24-Port Gigabit Managed Industrial Switch, with 4xGigabit Combo Port

Fiberroad FR-7M34F8 is a 24 port managed Industrial Ethernet Switch designed for industrial ethernet network applications. In such a rugged enclosure, it provides advanced IPv6/IPv4 management interfaces, comprehensive Layer 2 switching functions, and Layer 3 static routing. Industrial Ethernet switches can operate stably under temperatures from -40 degrees to 75 degrees and allow either DIN-rail or wall mounting for efficient cabinet use.

In a Harsh Environment, High Industrial Standards are Necessary

With IP40 Durable Aluminum housing and fanless design also provide efficient heat dissipation. 24 port Managed Industrial Switch provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges, usually found on plant floors or curb-side traffic control cabinets. It also possesses an integrated power supply source with a wide range of voltages (9 to 56V DC) for worldwide high availability applications requiring dual or backup power inputs. Indeed, The design of the switch ensures operates in Harsh Environment.

24 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch with Advance L2+ Features

With a 4xGigabit Combo Port (SFP/RJ45), the 24-Port Industrial Network Switch can handle extremely large amounts of data in a secure topology linking to an industrial backbone or high-capacity servers. The FR-7M34F8 is capable of providing non-blocking switch fabric and wire-speed throughput.

The Layer 2+ Managed Industrial Switch series allows the administrator to conveniently boost network efficiency by manually configuring Layer 3 IPv4/IPv6 VLAN static routing. FR-7M34F8 supports redundant ring technology and features a strong, rapid self-recovery capability to prevent interruptions and external intrusions. In addition to using advanced ITU-T G.8032 ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching), Spanning Tree Protocol, and redundant power input systems, it enhances system reliability and uptime in harsh factory environments.

Take care of the 24 Port Managed Industrial Switch Anytime and Anywhere

24 Port Managed Industrial Switch allows various network management methods, such as the Cloud(MQTT), WebGUI, CLI and NMS. The notion of easy to use, particularly with no additional hardware investment and installation. Industrial Network Switch can deploy centralised management, Layer 2 to Layer 4 QoS, Bandwidth allocation, real-time monitoring, etc.

Both SSH2.0 and HTTPS/TLS protocols are utilized to provide robust protection against network threats. It includes a range of cybersecurity features such as DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, ARP Inspection Protection, 802.1x port-based and MAC-based network access control, user hierarchical management, SNMPv3 authentication, and so on to complement it as an all-security solution. The 24 Port Managed Industrial Switch administrator can now construct highly-secure corporate networks with considerably less time and effort than before.

Ethernet Interface
Model FR-9M34F8 FR-9M348F FR-9M3424
Ports 8×10/100/1000Base-TX

16×1000Base-X SFP

4xGigabit Combo(SFP/RJ45)


8×1000Base-X SFP

4xGigabit Combo(SFP/RJ45)

24×10/100/1000M Base-TX

4xGigabit Combo(SFP/RJ45)

Port Mode(Tx)


Full/Half Duplex Mode

Auto MDI/MDI-X Connection


IEEE 802.3 for 10BaseT

IEEE 802.3u for 100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX

IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseT(X)

IEEE 802.3z for 1000BaseSX/LX/LHX/ZX

IEEE 802.3x for flow control

IEEE 802.1D-2004 for Spanning Tree Protocol

IEEE 802.1w for Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

IEEE 802.1s for Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

IEEE 802.1p for Class of Service

IEEE 802.1Q for VLAN Tagging

IEEE 802.1X for authentication

IEEE 802.3ad for Port Trunk with LACP

Packet Buffer Size 4Mbits
Maximum Packet Length Up to 10K
MAC Address Table 8K
Transmission Mode Store and Forward (full/half duplex mode)
Exchange Property

Delay time: < 7μs

Backplane bandwidth: 56Gbps

IGMP Group 4096
Max. No. of VLAN 256
VLAN ID Range VID 1 to 4094
Physical Characteristics
Housing Aluminium case
IP Rating IP40
Dimensions 400mmx300mmx45mm
Installation Rack Mount
Weight 2600g
Operating Temperature -40℃~75℃ (-40 to 167 ℉)
Operating Humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃ (-40 to 185 ℉)
MTBF >250,000@Telcordia(Bellcore)GB
Heat Dissipation 75 BTU/h
Cooling Passive Cooling, Fanless Design
Noise Level 0 dBA
Ethernet Software Features
Redundancy Protocols Support STP/RSTP/MSTP/ERPSv2, Link Aggregation
Multicast Support Support IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3, support GMRP, GVMP,802.1Q
VLAN Support IEEE 802.1Q 4K VLAN, support QINQ, Double VLAN,
Time Management SNTP

Flow-based redirection

Flow-based rate limiting

Flow-based packet filtering

8*Output queues of each port 802.1p/DSCP priority mapping

Diff-Serv QoS, Priority Mark/Remark

Queue Scheduling Algorithm (SP, WRR, SP+WRR)


Port-based Issuing ACL

ACL based on port and VLAN

L2 to L4 packet filtering, matching the first 80 bytes message.

Provide ACL based on MAC, Destination MAC address, IP Source, Destination IP, IP Protocol Type, TCP/UDP Port, TCP/UDP Port Range, VLAN, etc

POE Management

Total power limit of PoE power supply

PoE output power allocation

PoE output priority configuration

PoE working status

Scheduling of PoE operation

Diagnostic Maintenance Support port mirroring, Syslog, Ping
Management Function Support CLI、WEB、SNMPv1/v2/v3, Telnet server for management, EEE, LLDP, DHCP Server/Client(IPv4/IPv6), Cloud/MQTT
Alarm Management Support 1-way relay alarm output, RMON, TRAP

Broadcast Storm Protection, HTTPS/SSLv3, AAA & RADIUS, SSH2.0

Support DHCP Snooping, Option 82,802.1X security access,

Support user hierarchical management, ACL access control list,

Support DDOS,port-based MAC filtering/binding, MAC black holes, IP source protection, Port isolation, ARP message speed limit

Advance Layer 2+ Features

IPv4/IPv6 Management

Static Route

Power Supply
Power Consumption 24 Watts Max
Power Inputs 2
Input Voltage 9-56VDC, Redundant dual inputs

1 removable 6-contact terminal blocks

Pin 1/2 for Power 1, Pin 3/4 for Power 2, Pin 5/6 for fault alarm

Protection Overload Current Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection

Support Documents

Item Type Version Release Date
24 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch_ Product Data Sheet
476 KB
Datasheet 3.0 04/08/2021
WebGUI Network Management User Manual
8 MB
Manual 17/11/2021
Installataion Guide
2 MB
Manual 1.0 15/09/2021
Tech Note-ERPS
942 KB
Tech Note 3.0 07/01/2022
2D Drawing
70 KB
2D Drawing 3.0 26/03/2022

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